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How do you solve a problem like arts funding? — July 15, 2015

How do you solve a problem like arts funding?

Are We There Yet? have been published in Northern Soul, discussing This is Not An Office, funding and theatre in unusual spaces. Take a look here!

This is Not an Office update — July 2, 2015

This is Not an Office update

Are We There Yet? have had a very busy few weeks. Our crowdfunding site has gone live, and already we have many funders to thank. Check it out here: Every pound will go towards creating a piece which is engaging and accessible to all children.

We have also received funding from O2 Think Big, a company which offers support to young people making work in communities. We’re very grateful for assistance from individuals and companies like this, it’ll make all the difference. We aim to match our O2 Think Big funding with crowdfunding. However it hasn’t all been about funding!

Becca, our brilliant designer, has been working hard on set and costume designs whilst her assistant has recycled old materials to brainstorm ideas for our fairy ring. Producer SJ attended a meeting at Hope Street Limited and met many of the other companies performing as part of the On The Verge Festival. It was great to meet everyone and hear about the range of work being made. We have also recruited a Stage Manager for our rehearsals, Alex Stone will be joining the team in August and September to work on the book.

All this and everyone is in full time employment! Who needs sleep?

misty bubble

Can you help This is Not an Office come to life? — June 30, 2015

Can you help This is Not an Office come to life?

We are crowdfunding for specific elements of This is Not an Office.

This funding will specifically help us create excellent costumes, for actors and the audience, whilst ensuring our production is accessible as possible. It’s really important to us that anyone who wants to come to the show, can.

If you can help, however small or big, please see the link below.

Thank you!

Introducing our monster… — June 28, 2015
Introducing the team! — June 10, 2015

Introducing the team!


Sarah Eastaff is a director and facilitator who works at Manchester International Festival and the Contact. Other employment has included directing films for the NHS, making theatre in schools and running creative writing workshops. She has experience working with young people aged 5 and up, and is really looking forward to this project.

Sarah Eastaff profile picture


Sarah Jackson graduated from Brunel University with a degree in Modern Drama Studies. She recently Company Managed ‘Writers for Sale’ for Dog Cat Trumpet at The Waterside Arts Centre and is currently helping cast for the next 3 Minute Theatre project. She goes by SJ in this company to avoid confusion and never has less than three jobs.


Set & Costume Designer

Becca studied at Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Manchester and specialises in mythical design. She has worked with 24:7 Theatre, Faro Productions and the Edinburgh Festival. She’s an excellent hula-hooper and is found at home in the countryside and central Manchester, so she’s bringing the ivy and party tricks!


Sound Designers

Lucy is audio mad! Whether it be music, audiobooks, soundscapes, voices or radio, she loves it all. She is broadcasting on Bolton FM where she presents a specialist new and alternative music show and ‘Acoustic Afternoons’ on a Friday where she celebrates local talent. Lucy can usually be found chatting and drinking coffee.

Lucy profile picture

Caitlin is a drama facilitator and director who has worked with The Edge, Community Arts North West and The Agency among others. She is currently a Young Programmer and Producer at Contact and is also studying for an MA in Theatre and Performance at the University of Manchester.



Melissa graduated from Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance with a first class degree in European Theatre Arts in 2012. Whilst there, she studied at the Estonian Academy of Music & Theatre for a term. She currently works at First Floor, the West Yorkshire Playhouse’s venue for young people with many young people and different groups. She is always hungry, or at least peckish.


Hope Street Limited, On The Verge and Us — June 4, 2015

Hope Street Limited, On The Verge and Us

Are We There Yet? are currently working with Hope Street Limited in Liverpool. Hope St are well known for their immersive work around Liverpool, with people of all ages and backgrounds, and they regularly run an Emerging Artists Programme. We’re really excited to be working with them and plan to make the most of their knowledge, experience and tolerance of many, many questions. This is Not An Office will be premiered at Hope St’s On The Verge festival at the end of October. This festival which produces work by emerging artists in unusual spaces. We can’t give anything away at the moment but we’re hoping to see lots of the other work! This week, we met with staff from the Arts Council North, and were able to talk through our plan so far. Needless to say, this was an incredibly useful experience. We’d like to extend our thanks to Hope Street, Deborah and Angela from ACE. We have also confirmed our team for this show and will be announcing them shortly. It has been an exciting week and already it feels like the adventure’s begun…

We’ve got our hands on these recycled giant-bubble-type-things – any ideas what we’re planning on doing with them? — May 31, 2015
Introducing This is Not An Office — May 28, 2015

Introducing This is Not An Office

This is Not An Office is the devised storytelling event we are currently working on with Hope St Theatre. It will be a site-specific piece of theatre based in an office, aimed at children aged 4+ and families.

We begin in a storytelling area and read from a hand-made book:

‘Once upon a time, there was a world where all the characters from books and stories and all manner of things lived. Most of them lived happily together and were polite and had tea parties every Saturday, but there were always a few who made trouble.’

Suddenly we discover that one very troublesome monster is IN the office with us! What do we choose?

To go on an adventure…

Welcome to: Are We There Yet? — May 25, 2015

Welcome to: Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? is a theatre company dedicated to making exciting, immersive story-telling experiences for children. Directed by Sarah Eastaff, Are We There Yet? encourages the participants’ sense of ownership and believes that live performance is at its most exciting when it is different with every audience. Our work is focused on adventures in unusual spaces, finding fun in the ordinary and embracing everybody’s imagination.