Are We There Yet? have had a very busy few weeks. Our crowdfunding site has gone live, and already we have many funders to thank. Check it out here: Every pound will go towards creating a piece which is engaging and accessible to all children.

We have also received funding from O2 Think Big, a company which offers support to young people making work in communities. We’re very grateful for assistance from individuals and companies like this, it’ll make all the difference. We aim to match our O2 Think Big funding with crowdfunding. However it hasn’t all been about funding!

Becca, our brilliant designer, has been working hard on set and costume designs whilst her assistant has recycled old materials to brainstorm ideas for our fairy ring. Producer SJ attended a meeting at Hope Street Limited and met many of the other companies performing as part of the On The Verge Festival. It was great to meet everyone and hear about the range of work being made. We have also recruited a Stage Manager for our rehearsals, Alex Stone will be joining the team in August and September to work on the book.

All this and everyone is in full time employment! Who needs sleep?

misty bubble